Voodoo has been tattooing since 1991 and has worked all over Europe as a guest artist. For the last 22 years he has been the owner/operator of Barcelona’s largest and best known tattoo shop “Voodoo Tattoo”.
Voodoo has returned to the Victoria and Duncan area, where he hopes to offer polite and personalized service to his clients as well as top-notch tattoos for those who want the best work possible. His more than twenty five years of experience in all styles of tattooing enable him to offer advice and guidance to his clients and achieve results which set his work apart from the rest.

Voodoo does have a somewhat unique outlook on tattoos and believes that the most important element of a tattoo is esthetics. If it is not beautiful or does not make an impact on the person who is viewing it, then it is not a Voodoo Tattoo! For this reason he tends to be a little bit selective in which projects he undertakes and he believes that talking to the client and explaining the different options available, as well as warning the client of possible mistakes is the key to getting a good result. You can be sure that if Voodoo does your tattoo you will have a piece of art which will last a lifetime and continue to bring you pleasure long after everyone else’s “meaningful” tattoos have faded into insignificance.

Please feel free to contact him about your ideas knowing that he will always be polite and respectful even if he has to refuse a job, and he may even be able to offer you a more beautiful way to achieve the result you want.

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