- Try to be on time. You don't want to be tattooed by an angry artist.

- Sleep well the night before and have a good meal before coming.

- If you smoke weed or hash, do NOT smoke on the day of the tattoo. It will make you much more sensetive and it will hurt more.

- You can bring someone with you but please, one person maximum.

- They can be by your side with you while you are being tattooed.

- Do not shave the area to be tattooed. Voodoo prefers to do it before beginning.

- If it is going to be a long session, bring something sweet to snack on. It will help keep your energy level up.

- Try to buy the Saran Wrap and tape for the aftercare before you come. Voodoo does not sell these things.

- Voodoo works better and faster when he can be quiet and concentrate so feel free to bring a tablet or phone and some earphones. There is WiFi in the shop.

- Please remember, Voodoo accepts cash only.
       Almost everyone is worried about the pain they are going to suffer while getting their tattoo. This is perfectly normal, although it almost always hurts much less than one is expecting. Many people ask if there are any kind of anesthetics they could use to dull the pain, and there are, but their effectiveness is questionable. The best thing for reducing the suffering is relaxation. Anything you can do or take (with a doctors permission) to make you more physically relaxed will make the process much less painful for you (except alcohol which thins the blood).
A few more things to keep in mind for the big day: