Will it hurt?
The level of pain is dependent on many factors; whether you are relaxed or tense, the area of the body being tattooed, whether or not you have smoked anything on the day of your appointment and also on your concept of what hurts and what doesn’t. In general it hurts less for women than for men and it almost always hurts much less than you think it is going to. Voodoo will do everything possible to make the experience as non-traumatic as possible for you and will tell you before beginning if it is going to hurt or not.

How long will it take?
Voodoo works quite fast and he can tell you more or less how long the tattoo will take before starting, but  for very large pieces, he will not know exactly the amount of time it will take and therefore will charge by the hour until it is finished. In general color takes more time than black and grey.

How much will it cost?
In order to give an idea of cost Voodoo will need to talk to the client face to face. This may seem like an inconvenience but it is the only way to gather all the necessary information to give an accurate price quote, and it also gives Voodoo the chance to explain why something costs what it does. His hourly rate is $175 and his minimum price is $100. You must add the price of the healing cream to this. Quotes are not given by e-mail or phone, ever.

Is there any risk of infection or contagion?
Voodoo is scrupulously clean and takes every precaution to prevent cross-contamination. All materials are sterile and are opened in front of the client before beginning the tattoo. Surfaces and seating are cleaned and disinfected between each client and gloves are worn at all times during the procedure. Please ask Voodoo to show you the hygiene system he uses, he will be happy to do so.

Is Voodoo more expensive than other artists in Victoria?
Although you may find lower hourly rates, this is only due to the speed at which he works. Generally a tattoo which takes five hours in another shop may only take two or three with Voodoo, and therefore the overall cost will probably be the same or less than other shops. This must be taken into account when analyzing his prices, as well as the quality of work produced. Comparing Voodoo’s prices to those of an inferior artist is neither fair nor realistic.

How long will it take to heal?
Voodoo uses what he considers to be the best possible healing method (see aftercare) which produces perfect, scab free healing in only six days. His instructions must be followed to the letter and if this is done, a perfect result is guaranteed.

Could I be allergic to the inks?
The only common allergy is to the color red, and even then, this reaction will only occur in a tiny percentage of clients. All inks used by Voodoo are professionally formulated to be non-toxic and the laboratory spec sheets of these inks are available upon request. Black inks are natural/organic and therefore will not produce any adverse reactions.

Can I workout with a new tattoo?
Sweating during the first few days after getting a new tattoo is definitely not a good idea. It may be necessary to take three or four days off from the gym and you should take this into account when selecting a date to get work done.