Getting a good result is only possible if the tattoo heals well. Although your artist has put 100% effort into your piece, if you don't look after it properly during the first week a scab will form and will suck out the ink leaving a washed out and patchy tattoo. These are the instructions that we give to our clients and if followed produce perfect healing within only six days.

1. After one or two hours wash the tattoo with soap and water, dry it carefully and apply Bepanthen cream  generously over the tattoo and wrap with cling film (Saran Wrap). It is important that you use a soap which can cut through the grease and oil on your skin, so we recommend using a cheap bar soap. Dove does not work well. Brands that work include Irish spring, ivory, glycerin soaps, hotel soaps, basically the dryer the soap leaves your skin, the better (not shower gel or liquid soaps). PH neutral soaps, antiseptic soaps and soaps with Aloe Vera are not recommended. Just a good strong basic bar soap. If you got your tattoo in the morning, repeat this process before going to bed. If you got it in the afternoon it is not necessary.

2. Wash the tattoo twice a day, in the morning and in the evening for the next six days. Apply the cream after every washing, and then cover it with clean cling film and use tape to hold it in place. It is very important that you keep it covered with plastic after every application of cream and for 24 hours a day. No peeking!

3. During these six days avoid: saunas, Jacuzzis, sea water, swimming pools, and intense physical exercise. Sweating beneath the plastic can cause serious irritation to the tattoo and cause healing problems.

4. After six days, stop putting on cream and plastic wrap; your tattoo is healed. If you find the skin very dry when stopping the aftercare you can apply any cream you like to alleviate this, although we recommend using the Bepanthen, just not as much, and rubbed-in until it absorbs. It works really well.

5. It is a good idea to avoid getting strong sun on the tattoo for the next two or three months as this slows the regeneration of the skin and damages the lighter colors. It is possible to minimize these harmful effects by using a very strong sun cream/block: Factor 50 or more when out in the sun.

6. Please bear in mind that these instructions are based on over twenty five years of experience. Do not follow advice from 'expert' friends when caring for your tattoo. This advice usually leads to serious problems. Even though these directions may be different from what other artists recommend, follow Voodoo's instructions to the letter and you will see what perfect, fast healing looks like. Voodoo is not responsible for any damage to the tattoo due to not following these instructions. Any damage due to scabbing will result in a repair charge (it cannot scab if you follow the instructions).
Voodoo imports and sells the cream in the shop
Price $20
Please not that there should be more cream on the tattoo than pictured here. It should look white under the Saran Wrap, but this is the idea. It should be sealed with tape.
There are many kinds of medical tape available in the Pharmacy. Some clients experience irritation from certain types of tape. If this occurs it may be a good idea to ask for hypo-allergenic tape.